Physical artworks designed to make emotional impact

Our collection of LED sculptures are available to rent worldwide for your botanical garden, corporate event, or festival.

Powerful, landscape-transforming sculptures bring an undeniable artistic flourish to any event. Our diverse collection of light art sculptures fit a range of applications. Our inflatable collection is whimsical and engaging. From the Water Bear that sparks curiosity in children and adults alike, to the Talking Heads, two giant steel heads covered in LEDs that impacted audiences across the globe, allow our team to curate a selection of artworks for your site activation.

All artworks are available worldwide.

Our team handles all logistics from shipping to set up and break down.

Sculptures are available to rent individually or as a package.

Some sculptures can be placed outside for months, and in harsh weather conditions.

LED sculptures for

  • Ticketed experiences
  • Placemaking
  • Festivals
  • Light walks
  • Botanical gardens and walks
  • Holiday events
  • User conferences

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