Customized 3D Content at a Fraction of the Cost

After continuing to get requests for high-end 3D artwork, but on tight budgets and timelines, Limelight Art invested almost 2 years designing content that could be made available quickly and at a reasonable price. The result is world class immersive content accessible to musicians, venue owners, and light festivals.

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A person standing in a room with a beautiful renders of natural world elements imagined in a mind blowing artistic fashion.

What is Entropy?

Entropy is a collection featuring beautiful renders of natural world elements, imagined in mind blowing artistic fashion. This content is customized for every client to fit their screen or projection surface, and edited to fit the run time, speed and mood desired for their audience.


  1. Immersive Experiences
  2. LED Screens
  3. Projection Mapping
  4. Domes
  5. Experiential Marketing
    1. Pop up marketing at events
    2. Conventions

Who is it for

  1. Marketing Agencies
  2. Immersive Venues
  3. Placemaking
  4. Light festivals
  5. Botanical gardens
  6. Holiday light shows
  7. DJs & Bands

How to buy?

Give us your specs; resolution or screen size or projector template and we will customize the artwork to your unique application. We work with you to understand your audience and can make suggestions based on experience for pacing of the artwork, run time, and other factors to ensure a carefully curated experience.

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