Projection Mapped Sculptures

Taking Infocomm by storm in 2024, this collaboration between Gabriel Schama Studios and Limelight Art celebrates the cutting edge of art and technology. Gabriel’s Cathedral of Thieves sculpture, 13 layers of laser cut wood, is brought to life by the 3D digital light artwork by artist collective Limelight Art.

Cathedral of Thieves is one of 5 mapped sculptures in the collaboration between the two artist collectives. Representing the pinnacle of technology driven contemporary art, these artworks are available to own as showpieces for offices, hospitality, and designer homes. Also available for rent to add life to any event. Inquire via the link below for pricing and availability, or email us directly at

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Gallery setting projection mapped artwork by Gabriel Schama with 3D content.
Projection mapped mandala by Gabriel Schama and Limelight Art

What is it?

Contemporary art on a spectacular new level. A highly detailed 3D wood sculpture is brought to life by the digital artwork magic of Limelight projected on the physical artwork

Outdoor projection mapped sculpture near the water in San Francisco


  1. Physical Sculpture by Gabriel Schama
  2. Digital 3D Content by Limelight Art
  3. High Lumen DLP Projector
  4. Media Server/ Playback System
  5. Auto Calibration System
Projection mapped wood sculpture with white on white line art.

Who is it for

  1. Offices & Tech Spaces
  2. Immersive Experiences
  3. Museums
  4. Private Art Collectors
  5. Galleries
  6. Hotels & Restaurants
Seven fates 3D projection mapped sculpture.

How to buy?

Reach out on our webform below or send us an email directly at! We can send you the collection of artworks available with their dimensions, info about the content that accompanies them, and begin to look at your desired location for installation. Since this artwork requires both a projector and a playback system, factors like projector location, running cables, and how the playback system operates are all factors involved with the installation of this artwork.

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