A Turn Key Light Festival Expereince Delivered by Limelight

What is rescape?
A collection of Light Art Installtions.

Rescape, the light art exhibition of Limelight Projection Mapping is aiming to showcase a selection of light art installations that are relatable and relevant to our everyday lives. With their works, the artists are changing the urban landscape, and with the help of light and art, they are transporting visitors from everyday life to a magical world.

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Another Nature

An Interactive Light Art Experience

The creators of the interactive light art installations of Another Nature invite their visitors to a trail of light art through six locations that features magnified plants, animals, and optical phenomena of micro scale to recreate the experience of observation and exploration.

Outdoor light art tunnel with blue LED lights.
Purple and red LED light art sculpture in a garden.
Light tunnel in an outdoor light festival space with green LED lights.
Info about Light Gazebo an LED sculpture.

1. Viktor VICSEK: Light Gazebo [2017]

LED lights, ultrasound, distance sensors, speakers

The Light Gazebo is an interactive installation that reacts to the movement and spatial position of passers-by and changes its vibrating pulsation accordingly – with visitors approaching, its rapid, flashing lights slow down and shift into calm pulses, highlighting the importance of the pursuit for harmony and presence. The light sculpture is a reminiscent of a prolific sea of leaves of green gates with climbing vines arching over our heads, inviting us to the idyllic environment of shaded gazebos, a relaxing milieu where time slows down.

2. Katalin KATONA: MIRROR [2019]

video animation, screen, camera

MIRROR, an interactive video installation, builds a bridge between the possibilities of traditional fine arts and digital imaging – by standing in front of the picture frame, we can shape the silhouette of our own self-portrait reflected on the screen in the frame with the movements of our own body.

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Inflatable LED sculptures hung on a tree at a light festival in a forrest near a lake.
Lotus flower inflatable light sculpture hanging on a tree.
Purple and green inflatable LED light art sculpture in a botanical garden.

3. Koros Design: Hidden Garden [2019]

impregnated textile, LED lights, air pump

The light art installation called “Hidden Garden” was inspired by the geometry of plant shapes and nature, and the system of spatial interrelations. The elements visualizing the tissue structure of flowers co-exist with the organic environment bordered by living plants. By forming some sort of “plant union,” they highlight the importance of complementary adaptation and the collaboration of seemingly different ecosystems, and the vibrant beauty of colorful proliferation.

Water lily LED sculpture floating on a lake.
Inflatable LED sculptures of lily flowers floating on a lake at a botanical garden.
LED inflatable sculpture of flowers.
Botanical garden with light art installations for a holiday event.

4. Koros Design: Lilies [2019]

impregnated textile, LED Lights

The lily, symbolizing purity and beauty, is the jewel of ornamental gardens and ponds. A protected plant species, it hypnotizes its admirer with its elegance, airy subtlety, and delightful appearance. The distance sensor controlled floating installation made of a special fabric uses a warm-air pump, and has the colors of the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color model used in the field of electronic devices and IT. Just like a floating water lily grove.

Inflatable water bear LED sculpture.
LED sculpture at a light festival of a tardigrade.
Inflatable multimedia installation set up at a light festival.
Water Bear animal inflatable light art outdoor LED sculpture.

5. Viktor VICSEK: Tartigrade [2019]

impregnated textile, LED lights, speakers

The oldest life forms on Earth have existed for several millions of years, striving for perfect adaptation. They survive the most extreme environmental circumstances and try to adapt to them as much as possible. The Water Bear waits up to a hundred years to become active again. With its instinct to survive, it reminds us that instead of leading a (self-)destructive life, we must live in harmony with nature in order to survive. Not only today, but also the day after tomorrow.

An interactive light art sculpture with pedals of the flower moving.
A person smiling and interacting with a light art sculpture.
People interacting with an LED light art sculpture.
LED light art sculpture with the moon in the background.

6. Koros Design: Floret [2019]

impregnated textile, LED Lights

Floret, an interactive light sculpture made of a special fabric offers a glimpse into the insides of a magnified calyx. When visitors step on the designated spots, the petals of the 4-meter tall flower start blossoming, which is accompanied by an amazing light effect, and the initially closed-looking flower head bursts into blossoms. The schematized flower form coming to life makes the connection of (plant) structure elements visible and invites passers-by to a collective game.

3D projection mapped building with movement and inception style artwork mirrored on a lake.

7. Another Nature [2019]

3D projection mapping on the façade of the University of Debrecen

Thanks to the 3D artwork made for the façade of the University of Debrecen, we can witness a world being born from collaboration. The vision conceived from the cooperation between the team of Limelight, the alumni from the Projection Mapping Masterclass program of Limelight Academy, and guest female artists guides us from nothing through chaos to an universe full of alternative forms that test our senses. Besides observation, thanks to the music composed for the occasion, we can become one with the new entity created by the virtual world and the world around us.