3D Projection Mapping

Pioneers of the mapping industry

Experience matters when you are video mapping iconic buildings across the globe. Let our team share how we can tell your story.

From concept to site selection to technical execution, our production team can guide you to a successful project from start to finish. Our decades of experience pioneering this industry is what makes us unique, but our team of world class artists that create original content in any style is what makes us special.

In August 2021, our team produced the brightest, most powerful projector system ever built in the United States. Featuring 52 Barco 4k projectors, 48 UDX-4K32 and 4 Barco UDX-4K40 DLP laser projectors, producing around 1.6 million lumens of light, the project lit up the Vegas skyline, while breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest projected video game in the process.

Building projection in Chatswood, Australia with vfx.Projection mapping a skyscraper in Bangkok with colorful 3D motion design.3D animation projection mapped on the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Projection Mapping for Experiential Marketing

City Celebrations

Light Festivals

Large events

Product Launches

Building Unveilings

User Conferences

Music Festivals

Corporate Spectaculars

3d video projection mapping a human face on the side of a building.
Projection mapping by Limelight Art at the iMapp competition in Bcarest using 3d building mapping.
3D projection mapped building with movement and inception style artwork mirrored on a lake.
 3d projection mapping a skyscraper in downtown Bangkok with 3d projection design.
3D animation projection mapped on the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.
Projection design mapped on to an ornate building of geometric shapes and a golden god face.
Alt: Colorful building in Australia projection mapped with augmented reality
projection mapping the Opera de Lille in France with visual light art
3d light art content in France on a historical building.
3d projection mapping artwork in France on a classic building.
Award winning projection mapping artwork at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

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