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Developing the next generation of visual artists

What is Limelight Academy?

Limelight’s Masterclass is a comprehensive training program that teaches talented motion design artists how to adapt their work to be showcased as architectural projection mapping and immersive experiences. The Masterclass provides a unique education opportunity to the participant and delivers high-quality artworks for our sponsoring partners. The Masterclass creates a win for everyone involved, raising the next generation of light art talent, while providing diverse content for festival organizers.

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What do you get with us?

A worldwide
one-of-a-kind concept.

An opportunity to bring emerging local and international talent to your event

A marketing win that actually makes a difference in the community

Professional mentoring and support throughout the program.

Masterclass light art students standing in a classroom.

What to become a sponsor?
What do our sponsors get?

The Masterclass is developed to be a win for all parties involved. Our sponsors get unique, high-quality content for their events. Students get free education, networking opportunity, and portfolio piece of their work displayed at world class venues and events. We are here to discuss your idea, whether you run a light festival, teach at an institution or have a botanical garden, let's start a conversation! 

Dedicated to making light arts inclusive

When István and Viktor founded Limelight, their core mission statement was to create cutting edge artworks that were public and accessible to all. Now, after years of leading the way in the industry, the mission has expanded to train the next generations of artists while making the industry more inclusive. The pool of talented artists includes both international and local students, and we aim for a class evenly split between men and women.

Masterclass visual light art students performing a site visit to look at a mapping canvas.
Students in Limelight Art Masterclass looking at a laptop and projector in a classroom.

History of the Masterclass

Since its inception in 2018, the Masterclass has produced over 30 alumni, all of whose work has been shown to thousands of people at the sponsoring festivals. Now on its fifth volume, Limelight’s Masterclass continues to be one of the only ways for aspiring motion designers to get free education on how to take their work to the next level.

Limelight Masterclasses


Currently there are no open calls, but follow up on social media for the announcement of our next masterclass!


World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.

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