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2018 in the Limelight


What a year it was! The end of the year always gives us the chance to stop for a moment and look back, but I was so tired after the busiest year of my life that I had to wait until now to think everything over and summarise all that happened.

2018 was a very special year in Limelight’s history with many important milestones. We accomplished 15 projects in 11 countries, and created artworks for the first time in the US, Norway, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Belgium, and Australia. As part of the Light Art Collection of Amsterdam Light Festival, Viktor’s light installations were exhibited in Canada and Hong Hong. Sticking with facts and figures and counting the number of visitors of light festivals we attended, it seems that more than 3 million people saw our artworks live on 5 continents during the year. It’s definitely a dream come true and we’re feeling very lucky and grateful for achieving that.

Limelight has always been a collective of artists and professionals, and this year we were able to take an important step towards growing this collective significantly by not only new team members but fantastic collaborators as well.

2018 was the year when we decided to have a dedicated communications team led by Zsuzsanna Benkó, whose passion and expertise give us the chance to share every important message we’d like to share with you. Without her team’s work we couldn’t ever have accomplished the most important milestone of 2018, which is definitely the launch of our education program, Limelight Academy with the world’s first ever Projection Mapping Masterclass.

We’ve been planning to find a way to share our knowledge and expertise with young, talented artists for a long time. Finally, by starting the Academy it became reality, and its success exceeded our expectations and gave us the feedback that we need to grow this program and make it available for as many talents as possible.

As a founder and producer of the collective, I was honored to be invited to give artists talks at a conference in Aberdeen, Scotland and at iLight Marina Bay in Singapore. Another dream that came true was our collaboration with American woodwork artist Gabriel Schama. After many years of extremely large scale artworks, we created a very special intimate piece for one of his artworks. This piece is not only our first ever artwork exhibited in the US, but also proof that projection mapping is more than a large scale tool of advertising and entertainment as it’s mostly considered in the States. We’d always wanted to create a small piece that’s suitable for art galleries and even homes, and can be experienced in a very different and much more intimate way. It was received with a fantastic reaction from the audience at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles where it premiered, and we’re proud to have it featured on several Instagram accounts followed by hundreds of thousands such as Colossal and Good Morning Art.

Overall, I’m extremely happy to say that 2018 was best year we’ve ever had, and it gives us the power to keep on creating more and more artworks and explore new challenges that are on the horizon. We can’t be grateful enough having you on our artistic journey, thank you for inspiring us and being such a wonderful audience!


January 4, 2019





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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.