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From No Experience in Projection Mapping to Team Member of Limelight – Meet Alex and Awakening

In the fourth and final part of our series introducing the Masterclass Vol. 1 applicants, we bring you the story of Alex, who had no experience in projection mapping before applying to the program, yet he is part of the Limelight team now.

Alex has always been interested in this form of art and he fell in love with projection mapping thanks to a lecture at university. “When I found about Limelight Academy after graduation, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I’ve tried my luck and I haven’t regret it since,” he says.

Alex only had a brief chance to try his projection mapping skills on a small model of a building, so learning how to approach the production process, keep a balanced workflow and deliver according to the deadline were the key learnings of the Masterclass for him.

“I’ve challenged myself in ways I haven’t before which meant I’ve learned things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I like to put myself under pressure from time to time to gain experience I wouldn’t have within the comfort zone of my skill sets,” says Alex. He describes the feeling of seeing his artwork come alive as a defining moment of his life. “I was shaking, I had goosebumps and all that jazz,” he says. Seeing the satisfaction on people’s face and their applause was the cherry on top for Alex. “Every moment of this experience was so worth it, I wouldn’t think twice to do it again. I’m grateful for the memories I made, the people I met, and the knowledge gained.”

Last but not least, let’s hear what Alex has to say to those who are considering to apply for the next Masterclass. “Apply and you won’t regret a thing. Be responsible for your project and don’t just get the job done. Don’t hesitate to ask the team if you are stuck tin the process, Limelight Academy is your chance to learn.”

Thanks Alex! Your mindset was something we have been looking for, and we are stoked that you are part of the Limelight team now. We are excited to see you grow with us and we look forward to the amazing projects we will be working on together!

We hope you enjoyed this series and you got inspired to try your luck next time and apply to Limelight Academy. The series will be back next year when you will get to meet the Masterclass Vo.2 applicants and learn about their experiences.

January 4, 2019



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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.