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From 2D Animator to 3D Animator with the Help of Limelight Academy / Meet Masterclass Vol. 2 Artist, Alice

Alice Peacock has used animation as her primary medium for over five years, but she was new to the field of projection mapping when she applied to Limelight Academy’s Projection Mapping Masterclass. “I saw the program shared on Facebook and I applied because I was excited to learn more about projection mapping, and by the prospects of making an artwork for a major festival,” she says.

Alice’s portfolio mainly consisted of cartoon-like 2D works, an artistic style which isn’t really represented in projection mapping. “We picked Alice to be one of the artists of Masterclass Vol. 2 because of the uniqueness of her portfolio, and we believed that she was able to use her experience and create something that works well with the building,” Limelight Co-Founder István Dávid reflects on Alice’s application. “We’re not looking for hardcode 3D animators only. We want to see unique approaches, different styles, determination and enthusiasm – and Alice had it all,” he adds.

Alice’s artwork, Digital Odyssey revolves around the harmony of humans and technology; throughout the ages and into the future humans use and evolve technology and in turn technology assists humans move forward. But this leads to the question “do we control technology or does technology control us?” “We must ensure peace and balance between humanity and technology. Humans are represented by organic forms, and technology is represented by disparate forms each coming together to create a harmonious motion,” she describes her artwork.

At the end of the workshop in Sydney, Alice set out to create a 2D projection mapping with some 3D elements but she got into the swing of 3D animation (and learnt Cinema 4D while creating her artwork!), and she ended up with a beautiful artwork with 80% 3D elements. “We didn’t expect her to do 3D, but she was so diligent and well-structured in her workflow, and she just did it,” says István.

“I have a much deeper understanding of the unique approach of architectural projection mapping and how important it is to consider the architectural details of a facade in the work. From a technical perspective, creating this work forced me to revitalize my 3D skills, which I now use almost daily (thanks, Csaba!),” says Alice. “I feel very privileged to have created a work to showcase among the caliber of artists’ work present at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, it will remain a highlight of my career for years to come,” she adds.

The Projection Mapping Masterclass is a side project to most of the applicants and the challenge is in the structuring and timing of the extra work. “Alice was one of the applicants who did this really well, which enabled her to make great progress in furthering her skills in just 4-5 months,” István says.

Alice, it was great to see you grow and we are really lucky to have you in the Limelight family!

October 15, 2019



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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.