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Dreams Come True: The First Experience with my Lovechild, Limelight Academy

It has always been important for me to create artworks that can reach ordinary people who’d possibly never go to a gallery to see art, but they just can’t avoid spending 5 minutes watching a projection mapping piece on the street. I strongly believe that this can change people’s minds and if we only manage to take these people out of their everyday life and make them think for a moment, I think we already did something for a better world. For me, Limelight is not only an amazing collective of artists and great people but space for creative human beings to express their ideas and visions. To be a part of this community is an artistic journey that has excited me every day since the day we founded Limelight. Inside the collective, it has always been obvious to share knowledge and experience we’ve gathered along the way, and the birth of the Academy was just a natural and kind of obvious development of our mission and artistic journey. It all happened very fast after developing the program and announcing the call. The selection process was quite difficult, we had great and promising applicants and when we finally selected the 5 that was the best for the Masterclass, they had to be in Budapest in less than 2 weeks for the workshop.The 3-day workshop was extremely intense for me, it was my first time of training people. It was tiring, but also felt very special to share all my knowledge with the future generation of projection mapping talents. The information we work with every day seems so obvious that I was not even aware of how complex projection mapping is, and how details affect the quality of the final artwork. Watching these great talents who were so enthusiastic about learning, and helping them to develop their concepts and their artworks was an honor. It was amazing to let these guys work on their own afterward, and see their concepts becoming reality. The results far exceeded my expectations, to say the least.I wish all teachers had the students we had, and I say that even though we had one applicant from the five who finally couldn’t finish his artwork. Before the festival began, we had four artworks which were all amazing in quality and very different in style. Being in Norway with these guys and enjoying the festival, watching all those happy faces, both applicants and audience, was just a bonus for all of us. Well, I have to say that there’s nothing else in my life (except for my kids and family of course, but in my professional life) that I have been as proud of as these guys and this program.

October 7, 2018



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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.