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Dome / A 72-Hour Experiment at Factory Light Festival

“I’ve been creating visuals for András Weil’s band, Ethnofil and we’ve worked together on a number of projects in the past, including Coexistence, our artwork for Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. When I was approached with the task, I knew I wanted to work with András. We only had days to create something unique and teamwork was key,” Csaba says.

With no brief and complete freedom, the guys had to come up with something worth visiting during the light festival, and they had to complete the work within 72 hours. “An important element of our workflow was figuring out the acoustic conditions and the sound equipment we’d need. To do this, we went up to the Dome to jam,” András recalls. “The space had special acoustic capabilities that, when used well, could add a lot to the musical experience, but it could also create an unpleasant chaos. The jam session went really well. We haven't seen the visual yet, but we knew what music solutions would work,” he adds.

As for the theme, the guys’ first idea was to create a dark, electrifying, cooler world – but it would have been too predictable for their liking. Instead, they created a microcosm to show a day in the life of the Dome, from dusk to dawn. As for the audio, think tribal drumming and jungle noises creating an atmosphere that takes you to the middle of the Amazon, surrounded by tribes. A “Feel free to shout” sign invited visitors to engage with the life of the Dome, using the acoustics of the space to add a new level to the experience. “Every time we visited the Dome during the creative process, we kicked it off by shouting into the space”, Csaba says. “We knew that visitors would want to do the same.”

“The coolest part of this project was that I was able to write a completely customized music, inspired by the first impression I got on the spot. I’ve never done something like this before and I’m glad that, despite the organizers first thought that only effect-like music could work in the space, I was able to create a real musical composition which didn’t become a chaotic mess, a muffled sound,” András says.

“It was really good to create a space of our own and invite people into our world and share this experience. People didn’t come to look at our art, on the contrary, we invited them to be part of the world we created,” Csaba adds.

A big thanks to the guys for creating this unique experience and sharing it with the visitors of Factory Light Festival!

January 28, 2020





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