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“Intense, inspiring, fulfilling.” / Introducing Masterclass Vol. 2 Alumnus, Tim

Tim has been an established motion designer when applying to our Masterclass Vol. 2, however, he didn’t have any previous projection mapping experience. “When we saw Tim’s portfolio, we knew straight away that he’s the guy we were after. He had proven 3D skills and a well-established visual world – he was the most mature artist based on his portfolio,” remembers Limelight Co-Founder István Dávid. “He was at a very high level in terms of 3D animation, but he had no experience in projection mapping, which proves that Limelight Academy can offer something new even to those with previous experience.” “I definitely gained a lot of knowledge about the projection mapping workflow. I feel very confident now to tackle new projects in that field,” Tim confirms.

Tim’s commitment to the project was clear from the start, and so was his concept. “Usually, we see people changing their initial concept during the course of the Masterclass, but Tim was set on his idea throughout the whole process,” says István. And then the site visit came, and Tim got inspired by the crashing waves at Bondi Beach, which became the climax of his artwork. “The site visit is a crucial part of the workflow, and we encourage our Masterclass artists to come along. It’s a great opportunity to get inspired by the local culture, history, and atmosphere, which then can dictate the direction the concept will take,” István adds. “This is an integral part of the Limelight philosophy. Projection mapping should be site-specific, always unique and fit well in the environment.”

As a full time motion designer managing his own studio, Tim found it challenging to juggle his work and the commitment that the Masterclass requires, yet, he was one the very few who always met the deadlines. “I knew that it would be hard to balance the project with the daily commercial projects and also family life. It's always a challenge, and you have to make sacrifices (mostly sleep), but in the end it’s all worth it.”

Tim’s previous experience meant that he knew how to use the building well. His artwork wasn’t typical in terms of dynamics. “It was very detailed, finely crafted and slow. You’re almost expecting to get bored and then it takes you to the next level,” István reflects on Tim’s artwork, Spark. “The harmony of sound and visuals was on point in Tim’s artwork. He worked with Nikolai von Sallwitz, a great sound designer, and that resulted in a complex and beautiful audiovisual experience.”

Thanks for joining us for this awesome journey Tim, it was our pleasure to work with you!

November 8, 2019



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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.