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When Architecture Meets Visuals – Introducing Kasia and The Hum

Kasia has always found projection mapping interesting, and she had some previous experience but she never knew how to take it further, so when Limelight Academy popped up on her Facebook feed, she instantly knew she had to apply. “It was the best opportunity to combine two of my passions: architecture and visuals,” she says. Masterclass made Kasia realize what projection mapping actually is, and helped her understand that an artwork of this scale and the varied audiences require a very different approach to the visuals she worked on previously.

“I really appreciate the work Limelight has put into this program. We had the opportunity to follow through the process from the initial talks with clients, through planning and the production of the videos to seeing the final result at Factory Light Festival in Norway,” Kasia says. For someone who used to work with live and adjustable visuals, preparing the finished artwork before the show was a big challenge for Kasia. “Csaba provided us with the tools that help me a lot to test and understand how my ideas would look on the silos,” she says.

Seeing all the hard work she put into her project come alive on a building of such scale was the most rewarding experience for Kasia. After the nerve-wrecking moments before her mapping started, Kasia was relieved seeing how positively the audience reacted to her artwork. “It was a great experience being amongst the crowd and watch my first work of this scale together with the audience. I’m also grateful for the feedback I received from the audience and other artists,” she says. “I would recommend Limelight Academy to everyone. The knowledge the team had shared with us and the talented and dedicated people I’d met made it absolutely worthwhile.”

And Kasia’s advice to the future Masterclass applicants? “Do not hesitate, apply! Limelight Academy is the perfect combination of good laughs and hard work, and is the best environment for learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – they will all be answered by the experienced team of Limelight.” Thanks for being with us Kasia, it was a pleasure!

Next up in the series is Casber, Creative Director and Founder of a multimedia solution studio in Macau.

December 16, 2018



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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.