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Limelight for the rag & bone FW2020 Fashion Show / Meet the Artists Behind This Unique Collaboration

We very rarely create artworks that are 12 minutes long, so there was a lot of content to be produced and we only had one month. We have involved various artists in the project, and it was an international collaboration – right before life as we knew it has changed due to a global pandemic. A few weeks later, the whole concept behind our artwork made sense as we as a society returned to our roots to slow down and live a simpler life.

Our projection mapping artworks usually debut in front of a larger crowd than what you find at a fashion show, and we showcase our projects multiple times. In this case, we only had one shot and there was no margin for error. We had to account for every detail and challenge in advance. Luckily, we had an awesome team at the ready.

The New York scene was created by Ádám Sipos, who is our resident Houdini artist. Thanks to his artwork, we see the whole New York cityscape transform. The English countryside scene was created in collaboration with Bettina Vörös, a talented artist that we always enjoy working with. The awesome building transformations in this scene were also created with Houdini.

The London scene was created by Alex Riczkó in Cinema 4D. Alex was once a Limelight Academy artist who is now an integral part of our team. Tommaso Rinaldi was also an important contributor in various scenes. Tommy was once a Limelight Academy artist, too, and we love working with him.

Kevin Harald Campean, our talented photographer and videographer has also contributed to the project as the creator of typography and collage elements. He also documented the whole experience so we could share the adventure with our followers. Another ex-Limelight-Academy-artist-turned-Limelight-contributor, Soma Sárffi created animations for the jungle and nature scenes in Cinema 4D, and our long-time partner collective, Eper Digital Studio created the portals for the dystopia and utopia scenes. And as always, our Art Director, Csaba Világosi supervised the whole project and created some nifty animations.

“The biggest difference between this project and our usual ones was that we needed to create animation while taking into consideration that the main focus will be on the models and clothes. We worked without the usual building structure for a wide screen. We were aiming at creating something similar to augmented reality, and to offer the whole audience an enjoyable experience, and I think we managed to transfer them into another world,” says Csaba.

This was our first big-time project that was produced and managed by our San Francisco office and our Director of Operation, Scott Hallock put a tremendous amount of work into it - we are happy to have him on board representing Limelight overseas. 

“One of the production challenges of the project was simply the contrast between the time it takes to produce content and the way fashion shows work. An artwork of this length is carefully crafted over the course of weeks, even months. However, fashion shows often don’t come together until the week of, and changes are being made even hours before the show. Our team rose to the challenge, and the night before pushed late into the night to edit and change the length of certain sections to match the timing of the new model count. An edited version of the finale was even pushed the morning of the show. It was an extremely demanding project on our creative director and artist team, but everyone rose to the challenge,” says Scott.

Led by him and our CEO, István, there was a fantastic team behind this one-of-a-kind project, and we feel truly privileged to have the opportunity of working with a talented bunch like these guys. The end result was a beautiful artwork that was very well received by the audience and the media. And just so we don’t toot our own horn, here’s a lovely message from Marissa Kraxberger, who is VP of Creative at rag&bone:

“Working with Scott and the team at Limelight was an inspiring experience. It is rare you can bring an idea that seems impossible to execute to a team and they find a way to bring it to life brilliantly. They handled each twist and turn we threw them with patience and grace and delivered an incredible video immersive experience that led to one of the best fashion shows in the history of the brand. We were incredibly grateful for their diligence and dedication to bringing our vision to life.”

It takes many talented teams to pull off a show of this scale. With so many different organizations involved, from the live stream crew to the model handlers, to the stage builders, Limelight was put to the test to help drive the creative part, making sure the execution fit in line. In the end, the show went off without a hitch, and it was incredible to see such an iconic brand deliver a truly unique experience. 

Thank you to everyone involved, what a ride, guys!

June 6, 2020




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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.