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Rescape Light Art Experience / An Adaptable Light Festival

In projection mapping, but also with installations, this is something the artists have very little control over. An installation works with the environment, the context it is being put in. Location is key, no doubt. “We’ve had a longing desire to manifest a different kind of experience, something that stands out from the well-known scenario of a light festival,” says Limelight Co-Founder István Dávid. And this is how the Rescape Light Art Experience was born.

With the majority of light festivals, there is a city, and the organizers try to contextualise different works in the same place. With Rescape, we want to do the opposite – to have a curatorial theme and artworks that fit in with the environment but transform the city into something else. “Hence the name Rescape. We reshape urban space and let visitors escape from the reality of their surroundings and routines, into a new world enchanted by light,” István explains the concept.

The artworks are sorted along a bold display, a strong concept and a message that can be adapted and customised to “Rescape” different places around the world. Our first theme, Another Nature was a great success.

Another Nature explores the relationship between nature and technology, therefore the light art installations and 3D mappings are centred around the presence of animals, plants and humans on Earth. Entering the realm of flora and fauna, we meet extraordinary organisms, experience basic mechanisms and explore hidden ecosystems that we otherwise overlook. Breathing plants, a tardigrade symbolizing harmonious coexistence and a multisensory light garden await us along the Rescape light art trail.

“The concept was formed a while back, but we haven’t had the time and resources to make it a reality. Then we were approached by a reputable flower carnival which celebrated its 50th anniversary, to create a projection mapping piece for the façade of the University of Debrecen in Hungary,” says István. “We thought the festival was a good fit and this could be our pilot project, so despite our team being overworked as is, we decided to jump right into it,” he adds. And thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Limelight team, Rescape Light Art Experience was born!

In a very limited time frame, we’ve transferred the University of Debrecen and the Great Forest of the city into a unique light art experience, and the response from the community was incredible. Check out the short video to see it for yourself!

January 17, 2020




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World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.
World Record Breaking producers of the brightest, most powerful projector stack ever assembled in the United States.